Wooden Bowl Maintenance

Care & Maintenance of Your Woodenware

Your woodenware is finished with Tung Oil, made from the Tung Nut. This is an edible nut, so the finish is considered food safe (perhaps with the exception of those with nut allergies!).

Avoid using your woodenware for liquids (chip dip, salsa, etc) as this may affect the finish. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth, or do a very quick hand wash in soap water and rinse. After cleaning, dry your woodenware right away.

Never soak your bowl in water, and do NOT place in the dishwasher or the microwave. This will likely remove or ruin the finish.

If the finish wears over time, another light coat of Tung Oil is best. If this is not available, you can use Mineral Oil (edible type from your drugstore) or another oil product suitable for a wood finish.

Wooden spalted maple bowl cured with tung oil holding an apple